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Best movies to watch on Thanksgiving 


Thanksgiving is a national vacation celebrated in the United States and Canada. While the Canadian Thanksgiving is usually observed on the second Monday of October, the U.S. Thanksgiving is well known on the fourth Thursday of November. The vacation has historical, cultural, and social significance and is regularly related to family gatherings, feasting, and expressions of gratitude.

Key components of Thanksgiving include:


Historical Origins: 

The American Thanksgiving has its roots in a 1621 harvest feast shared with the aid of English Pilgrims and Native Americans (Wampanoag people) in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This occasion is often considered one of the first times of cooperation between the European settlers and the indigenous people.

Traditional Meal: 

Thanksgiving is widely known for its conventional feast, presenting a roasted turkey as the centerpiece. Other common dishes encompass stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie. The meal is frequently shared amongst one’s family and buddies.

Gratitude and Reflection: 

The holiday emphasizes the importance of expressing gratitude. Families and pals frequently take time to talk about matters they may be thankful for.

Parades and Football: 

Thanksgiving Day is associated with activities like parades, with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City being one of the most famous. Additionally, American soccer games, each professional and university, are famous on Thanksgiving.

Family Gatherings: 

Key components of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to have a meal together and spend time with each other. Many people travel long distances to be with the ones they love during this vacation.

Black Friday: 

The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States. It is a day people spend shopping, and there are lots of sales and deals in the market. People make good use of this time and shop for anything and everything they have been wanting to buy.

Overall, Thanksgiving is a time for showing how thankful you are and sharing excellent meals and time with loved ones. The traditions associated with Thanksgiving may vary among families and areas, but the principal topic of thankfulness stays consistent.

Here are a few movies to watch with family and friends on Thanksgiving

You’ve Got Mail

A classic rom-com where two booksellers, Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), meet in a chat room anonymously. The chats lead to an e-romance Between the two. They fall for Each Other without knowing the one small detail that they are none other than business Rivals. Watch this movie as a Thanksgiving celebration featuring a small dance and song as well.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

If you are fond of animated movies, then this is a classic 25-minute animated movie that shows the festivities and Turkey Day traditions of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts group. You can easily watch them with kids and have some memorable moments with your children.


When talking about comedy, this Masterpiece cannot be left out. Nicole Paone’s style of comedy is as amazing and vivid as the Thanksgiving dinner spread. With cast like Kat Dennings, Malin Akerman, Deon Cole, Aisha Tyler, Jane Seymour [whoof, out of breath ], Jack Donnelly, Carla Jimenez, Chelsea Peretti, Christine Taylor, Ryan Hansen, Andrew Santino, So many, and the list still goes on. The comedy timing is good, and it is a good film to enjoy with friends and families.


An original rom-com that you will find on Netflix is a movie that is mostly played on every occasion where friends and families sit together and want to enjoy a perfect holiday. It is even the first choice for not one but many occasions, including a wedding. Emma Roberts and Luke braceyCome together in this movie to make it an amazing holiday special movie. Both the characters in the movie star as single people who come together as a plus one for the obligatory get-together and holidays every year. The twisted terms and revealing of Secrets make this drama an all-time hit to watch with loved ones. This makes it one of the must-watch movies for Thanksgiving. 

Tower Heist

Rush Hours Brett Ratner Directs the New York City set highest to to indulge you in some action and humor. Starring Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Mathew Broderick, Alan Alda and Gabourey Sidibe. Nothing can beat the comedy genre when celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. The plot of the story revolves around a Ponzi crook played by Alda whose victims are rounded up by Ben Stiller’s character. To get even on the day when their family decides to go to watch Parade balloons and eat way too much Turkey.  

The Pilgrims

It is an iconic film in the American history of PBS films. Ric Burns, who is a well-known award-winning filmmaker and brother of the iconic Ken Burns, known for his documentary, has brought this Masterpiece for you. If you have been looking for something authentic this Thanksgiving, then this is the one for you. It focuses on the American experience mainly based on the menu script of William Bradford called “of plymouth plantation.” If you want to keep your family distracted and not want them to cry in your social life, this is the movie that you should consider.


The year was 2007 when a fake trailer for Grid House Double was unleashed by Ali Rath featuring Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez. After this, the Maestro has always been trying to bring out the full version, which was finally possible and done this year. The script is co-written by Jeff Rendel, who was the guy playing Pilgrim in Retro’s trailer. The title of the movie itself gives all the vibes of the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have been waiting for this, then you are in for a real treat.

Alice’s Restaurant

Based on the song that has the same name by Arlo Guthrie. In this, Guthrie plays himself and gets ensued when his friend’s letter after Thanksgiving dinner and gets arrested. 

Knives Out

Celebrate Turkey’s day with the perfect fall movie and the best pastime with this 2019 crime and Mystery genre movie. The crime novelist Harlin Thrombey was founded under mysterious circumstances, and the whole family is under suspicion. Detective Benoit Blanc paves his way by understanding the dysfunctional family situation to find out the true suspect. This movie is a perfect thriller for those who like the crime genre. However, if you have kids, you need to be a little careful about the f-bombs and the scenes involving the murder. If this is not a problem, then Thanksgiving could be enjoyed with this amazing plot.

The Vanished

Thomas Jane and Anne Heche star in an abduction thriller that’s completely bonkers and is based on a married couple who Lose their 10-year-old over a Thanksgiving weekend. Can you guess who stars in the role of Sheriff? It’s Jason Patric! If you are in doubt, we are to buy his first question was not “Why are you here? It’s Thanksgiving”. Lucky for us, the twisted terms and mysteries unraveled as you moved forward in the movie. The doubtful decision-making doesn’t end with the couple spiraling up and down the rabbit hole with fatal consequences. The movie keeps you on the edge, and you will find yourself engaged in the plot. This is an amazing movie choice for Thanksgiving.

Soul Food

Let’s face it: Soul Food isn’t an actual Thanksgiving movie. But when it comes to the food, the food, and the tradition of Thanksgiving, it’s a veritable cornucopia. George Tillman Jr. doesn’t have a Thanksgiving movie, but he does have a Thanksgiving cornucopia of food. Mama Joe (Vanessa Williams), the matriarch of the Tillman family, organizes Sunday dinners for her suburban Chicago family. But when she gets sick, the family’s secrets are revealed. Vivica A. Fox (Vicky A. Fox), Nia Long (Nia Long), and more familiar faces grace the screen.

The Blind Side

Family, faith, and football: all the hallmarks of a heartfelt Thanksgiving movie. But Disney’s reimagining of the true-life story of mother-of-pearl Michael Oher (played by Sandra Bullock) and his journey from destitute teen to NFL first-round pick is a must-watch. It also includes a heartfelt Thanksgiving scene, so yes, it is a Thanksgiving special.

Lez Bomb

Lez Bomb is a suburban comedy written, directed, and starring Jenna Laurenzo, fresh out of waiting tables and a fresh face for directing queer cinema. The film follows a Brooklyn woman (Laurenzo) who decides to come out to her New Jersey family over the Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, breaking the news doesn’t go as planned, but it’s still a wild ride. The cast includes comic actor Cloris Leachman, Bruce Dern, Steve Guttenberg, and newcomers like Caitlin Mehner and Brandon Michael Hall.

Addams Family Values

The second part of the story of the haunted, scary, and spooky family is even better than the first part. It is what we think and dare to say that it is the truth (sweating in doubt!). And it’s all thanks to Wednesday Addams’ cool, calm, and collected performance in a school play. In a twist to the script, she rediscovers the true history of the day we now call Thanksgiving.

For Your Consideration

We’ve never been a fan of Christopher Guest’s films, but this mockumentary from the creator of “Dog Show” and “A Mighty Wind” takes an ingenious meta approach in “For Your Consideration” that we want you to think about. The film stars faux documentary alums Catherine O “Hara” Hart, Eugene “Levy” Levy, and Parker “Posey” Posey as the actors in a movie that changed its title from “Home for Purim” to “Home for Thanksgiving” after Oscar rumors swirled that it was going to be nominated for an Oscar. Head-scratching laughs ensue.

The Oath

Barinholtz, best known for his work on The Mindy Project, is making his directorial debut and co-starring in It, a wild, politically-charged comedy. He and Haddish play a married couple struggling to make it through Thanksgiving dinner and the evening as they prepare to take the tax oath the day after. “If we gave away too much information, it would hurt you.”

The Myth of Fingerprints

Before “The Family Stone,” there was another New England-set, dysfunctional drama. The Myth of Fingerprints, a 1997 Sundance-nominated independent film, starred the cast of “The Stepford Wives,” “The Mulholland Drive,” and “The Outsiders,” all of whom gather at the family home over Thanksgiving weekend for a classic story of love, heartache, and course, sex. Because, apparently, there’s no such thing as going back to your hometown and not having sex.

The Daytrippers

On a day trip to New York City, director Greg Mattola gets his directorial debut behind the wheel of his Buick Estate. Mattola, who has directed cult comedies such as Superbad, Paul, and Adventureland, begins his film on Thanksgiving Day when a wife finds a love letter her husband has written for another woman. Co-star Stanley Tucci, Hope Davis, Parker Posey.

What’s Cooking?

There’s no one-size-fits-all celebration of Thanksgiving in this multicultural holiday comedy from 2000 set in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles. Mercedes Ruehl, Big’s star, is joined by the likes of Joan Chen, Lust, Caution’s star and The Closer’s Kyelydwick, and See’s Alfre Woodard in completely unrelated Thanksgiving stories, each as rich in food and tradition as they are in their comedy of manners.


Barry Levinson, best known for his films Rain Man, Wag the Dog, and Diner, is back with another one of his crowd-pleasing films, Avalon. The film tells the story of a Polish Jewish family who emigrated to the U.S. in the early 20th century, hoping to live American life in Baltimore. However, what really earns this film a place on the list is the Thanksgiving scene, which is full of sibling rivalry, dysfunction, and a kids’ table. It’s a scene that any family could relate to.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving

The orange cat that loves lasagna more than she loves Thanksgiving hosts a Thanksgiving episode that not only brings back memories but also distracts the kids while you get ready for the big day. The classic episode starts with a visit to the vet and finishes with Grandma preparing a Thanksgiving dinner that is, of course, perfect.

She’s Gotta Have It

It’s not your typical Thanksgiving movie, but if there’s one thing we can all be thankful for, it’s Nola Darling, a 1986 Spike Lee film about a woman who can’t be controlled sexually. It’s also the setting for one of the best Thanksgiving scenes ever filmed: Nola sits at the head of a table, surrounded by her three needy lovers as they partake in her Thanksgiving feast. Conversation ensues. Machismo and hurt feelings follow. But who does Nola spend the evening with? That’s for you to figure out.


Don’t pretend you’re better than a Pauly Shore romantic comedy. Here’s the ’90s stoner who wears a cowboy hat with his perm and assless chaps to spend Thanksgiving with his girlfriend, Becca, on her family’s farm in South Dakota. It’s “Metro meet moo cows.”

Dan in Real Life

This is not your typical Turkey Day movie, but Peter Hedges’ gem is full of holiday cheer: family drama and dysfunction, fun in the sun, and touch football. It stars Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche, and Emily Blunt. An impressive choice for Thanksgiving.


Don’t get caught up in the holiday spirit. Instead, soak up the simmering tension in this award-winning thriller by Trey Edward Shults. Set during that special Thursday, the story follows a woman as she struggles to win back the trust of her family after abandoning them due to addiction.

Mistress America

While she may not know how to cook a 10-pound turkey, she can do a Google search on how to make your own Thanksgiving dinner. We’re talking about the self-proclaimed actress who makes you laugh and cry simultaneously in this new Netflix comedy from the director of “Transparent” and “Lady Bird.” And the Thanksgiving part? Well, that’s the part that’s best served with humor and drama. You’ll find out for yourself.

The Object of My Affection

What better way to host a Friendsgiving dinner party than with a movie featuring one of your favorite Friends? The movie stars Jennifer Aniston as a woman who desperately wants to be in a relationship with her best friend’s gay bestie (Paul Rudd) but finds herself the only practicing heterosexual at the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Thanks to filmmakers like Villeneuve, we have something to be thankful for every day. Villeneuve, a French-Canadian director, is a master at crafting films with circular plots and cliffhangers (the best kind). In Villeneuve’s Prisoners, tensions spiral out of control as his son Keller (Hugh Jackman) searches for his long-lost daughter (Ellie Kemper), who was abducted on Thanksgiving Day.

One True Thing

Prepare to laugh, cry, and shout your way through Carl Franklin’s holiday comedy that’s the ’90s equivalent of “Steel Magnolias.” Streep and Zellweger star as mother and daughter as they navigate what could be their final Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas together.

North by Northwest

Hitchcock’s novella has nothing at all to do with Thanksgiving celebrations—except that there’s a scene with a newspaper describing the film’s events, which take place during Thanksgiving. Like pumpkin pie, we can’t get enough of Cary Grant.


Another go-to for post-meal chill with the family is the first chapter of the Rocky Balboa story: a Thanksgiving date night with Rocky and Adrian.

The House of Yes

Based on Wendy MacLeod’s play of the same name, it’s an absurdist dark comedy about a young man who moves home for Thanksgiving to meet his fiancée’s family, including his demented, Jackie Kennedy-obsessed, jealous younger sister. It’s definitely not for the dinner table.

The Vicious Kind

You’ve never seen Brittany Snow in such a foul mood. She’s only capable of making bad decisions, and she doesn’t feel a million bucks. The same can’t be said for Adam Scott. He delivers one of the best performances of his career as the family’s “black sheep” who shows up for the holidays but doesn’t really feel any kind of joy. But hey, this is a comedy, right?

Miracle on 34th Street

Although it is one of the most popular Christmas movies on most lists, it is actually the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that opens the movie. When an intoxicated Santa Claus has to step in as the star of the parade, Kriss Kringle finds himself thrust into the spotlight as New York’s most beloved holiday character—until he starts to question his own sanity when he begins to pretend to be Santa.

Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah (Mia Farrow), Lee (Barbara Hershey), and Holly (Dianne Wiest) reunite for the third Thanksgiving in a row as they navigate their way home to Chicago after a surprise snowstorm in rural Kansas. Traveling by plane, train, and automobile, Neal (Steve Martin) finds himself stranded and forced to hide with John Candy’s Del Griffith (Candy) as they navigate the holiday travel chaos.

Scent of a Woman

When Charlie, played by Chris O’Donnell, agrees to babysit Frank, played by Al Pacino, a blind, stubborn, retired army colonel, for Thanksgiving, he’s flown off to New York for a lavish weekend getaway. Pacino won the Academy Award for Best Actor in this drama.

The Big Chill

When a dissimilar group of friends meets at the funeral of a close college friend, they recall past events (including a Thanksgiving dinner) and struggle with feelings of shame, uncertainty, and disappointment.


When Dutch (Ed O’Neill) offers to drive his friend’s (Ethan Embry) bratty son (Jack Lemmon) back to Chicago from prep school in Atlanta on Thanksgiving, their unlikely friendship is cemented. In Grumpy Old Men, played by Lemmon and Matthau, Lemmon plays a neighbor, and Matthau plays his ex-boyfriend. The two men have been rivals for years, but when Ann-Margaret (Patricia Helms) comes to the neighborhood during the holiday season and catches their eye, they fight again—this time over her hand.

Wrapping it up-

Thanksgiving is a party focused on gratitude. It’s a time to reflect on and admire the positive elements of existence, fostering a sense of thankfulness. The excursion encourages individuals to express gratitude for the advantages and good things they have, spend quality time with loved ones, and share a meal together. Embracing gratitude all through Thanksgiving contributes to a nice attitude, strengthens relationships, and deepens the bond with loved ones. Enjoy this Thanksgiving with all your favorite people with these amazing Thanksgiving movies.


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