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Washington Huskies Vs Oregon Ducks- All about the game

The Washington-Oregon competition is a longstanding and serious one, commonly also called the “Border War” or the “Civil War.” The universities, the University of Washington (Huskies) and the University of Oregon (Ducks), are located within the Pacific Northwest, and their football groups compete in the Pac-12 Conference.

The rivalry between the two dates back to 1900 at the football field, when the two met for the first time. Since 1945, this game has become an annual fest that is played every year and is one of the most popular and anticipated matches in college football. Again, that is enjoyed by the football enthusiasts as well as the students and faculty of the colleges. 

Some of the main reasons behind this rivalry are:

The Platypus Trophy: 

The Platypus Trophy
Image source:

Earlier, there weren’t any football rivalry trophies for Washington and Oregon football, but the love for this competitive game forced the fans and lovers to create a platypus Trophy that was meant to be a symbol for showcasing the unique relationship between the two teams.

Competitive History: 

The history of rivalry between the two teams has been very interesting for decades. There has never been any one particular team dominating, but there have been periods of dominance in both settings. The rivalry has seen periods of dominance by both teams. The highs and lows, back and forth, and the competitive nature of the series have made the matches extremely significant. These are loved by almost everyone but hold a special place for football lovers. The love for these Matches and the place they hold for the supporters has made Ducks versus Huskies one of the major matches looked forward to by everyone who follows football.

Duck Hunt and the Apple Cup: 

The Apple Cup is another very important event, and the annual game against Oregon holds a similar importance as the cup. The Apple Cup is another very important and majorly followed football game played against Washington State University.

Impact on Conference Standings:

The post-season bowl game opportunities and the conference standings can be affected by the outcome of the game, given that both the teams are members of the Pac-12 conference. This is another reason why the game is so important: the implications it has based on the outcomes of the game.

Discussing the team stats W.HuskiesTeam statsO.Ducks
1481Total yards 363
2324Passing yards239
3157Rushing yards124
46.2Yards per play6.7
626First downs17
910/153rd down efficiency3/10
100/14th down efficiency2/2
1178Total plays54
121Interceptions thrown1
130Fumbles lost0
1437:08Time of possession22:52

NCAA football final today

Washington Huskies101001434
Oregon Ducks01014731

Washington player stats


Player IntTDYdsC/Att
9 Michael Penix Jr1131927/39
Dillon Johnson0152/2


Dillon Johnson25.415228
  Will Nixon 05.051
Germie Bernard05.051
Richard Newton01.011
9 Michael Penix Jr0-1.0-44


Player TDYdsRecAvg
11 Jalen Mcmillen0131914.6
1 Rome Odunze0102812.8
2 Ja’Lynn Polk057511.4
Dillon Johnson0717.0
Devin culp013113.0
Germie bernard1522.5
Jack westover0414.0
Giles jackson0313.0
Quentin moore1212.0


Player Int sackTck/Ast
Alphonso Tuputala00.04/3
Edefuan Ulofoshio00.03/3
Dominique Hampton00.03/1
Bralen Trice00.03/1
Elijah Jackson 00.03/0
Mishael Powell10.03/0
Kamren Fabiculanan00.02/1
Asa Turner00.02/0
Zion Tupuola-Fetui00.02/0
Tuli Letuligasenoa00.02/0
Carson Bruener00.02/0
Voi Tunuufi00.01/0
Thaddeus Dixon00.01/0
Ralen Goforth00.01/0
Ulumoo Ale00.00/1
Jabbar Muhammad00.00/0

Oregon player stats-


10 Bo Nix1323921/34


Player TDAvgYdsCar
10 Bo Nix011.5696
Jordan james17.0355
0 Mar’keise Irving02.2209


Player TDYdsRecAvg
Tez Johnson068513.6
Traeshon Holden163163.0
Troy Franklin03448.5
Jordan James030130.0
Terrance Ferguson21744.2
0 Mar’Keise Irving01653.2
Casey Kelly011111.0


Player Int sackTck/Ast
Tysheem johnson00.07/2
Steve Stephens00.06/6
Jeffrey Bassa00.06/5
Evan Williams00.06/2
Nikko Reed01.04/0
Jestin Jacobs00.04/4
Popo Aumavae01.03/0
Khyree Jackson10.03/0
Mase Funa00.01/2
Dontae Manning00.01/1
Teltum Tuioti00.01/0
Jamal Hill00.01/0
Traeshon Holden00.01/0
Cole martin 00.01/0
Ross James00.01/0
55 Sam Taemani00.00/2
Emar’rion Winston00.00/1
Matayo Ulagelelei00.00/1
Casey Rogers00.00/1
Keyon Ware-hudson00.00/1

Important News-

  • As stated by Fox news “Washington  holds off Oregon to win the final pac 12 Championship..”
  • As stated by  Fox sports “Huskies beat ducks again…”


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