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Top 12 Farm Jobs In Canada You Can Do Now

farm jobs in Canada
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There are lots of job opportunities across different industries in Canada. You can find many skilled and unskilled workers in the country. But have you thought of farm jobs in Canada? Working on farms in Canada is one of the best-unskilled labour you could get, and as a bonus, it pays pretty well. 

Canada has a high demand for farmworkers. Research and forecasts also suggest that the need for hands in the field would likely increase. It breeds openings for a lot of people locally and internationally. 


This article will discuss all you need to know about getting these jobs in Canada. 

Why Find Farm Jobs In Canada?

The high demand for field workers in the Agricultural sector of Canada breeds an opportunity for prospective employees. Working on farms in Canada comes with different benefits. They include; 

Offer Worldwide Impact

Agriculture is one of few industries that allows you to offer a global impact. The production on farms covers not only feeding but also clothing and fuels. This shows how working on farms can ensure that this industry makes a difference in the World.

Diverse Work Lifestyle 

Working on a farm in Canada can open opportunities in different work structures. You can work on the desk doing some administrative role or work with pieces of machinery and other outdoor activities; the options are numerous. 

Agricultural Business Bonuses

Farms and other Agricultural ventures also offer benefits similar to other companies. Free meals, insurance, and other guarantees are all advantages you get from working on farms and other Agricultural businesses in Canada. 

Sustainable Salary

Although there are different farming sectors, it is important to note that you can earn good salaries from farming while also having the luxury of a decent lifestyle. 

So, the advantages of working on a farm in Canada cannot be overemphasized. Whether working at the desk, with pieces of machinery or picking fruits in the summer, you are likely to have a good experience. 

Top 12 Farm Jobs In Canada You should Know

Farm jobs consist of various roles and descriptions. If you are looking for a farm job in Canada, there you should know the following;

Fruit Picking Jobs

This job requires on-field duties as you are expected to sort fruits according to size, colours, and grades before packing. People chosen for this role in Canada should be fluent in English and maybe French. 

A good aspect of this role is that it only requires minimum educational skills. So, with a high school certificate or its equivalent, you can get this job. 

General Farm Worker

This job requires you to complete almost every task on the field. This role would mostly include planting, cultivation, irrigation, spraying pesticides, weed control, and applying fertilizers. 

Although it requires some physical input, you can earn around $20 per hour with this job. 

Horticulture Farm Works

These types of farming jobs in Canada mostly cover garden crops, vegetables, and fruits. This role also involves assisting food security initiatives using the garden site map or working with a team to plant, weed, water, and harvest crops.

These types of farm jobs can see your work time go up to 30 hours per week, but you can make around $15 per hour. 

Greenhouse Workers

Farms are mainly looking for people who could help prepare the soil before farming commences. This role would involve planting bulbs or seeds, watering, and fertilization. 

It is more like doing the general farm work, but this would be required at the early stages. The early stages of farm planting are important, and have to get some level of expertise. 

Livestock Farm Workers

Livestock farming is one of the most demanding jobs in Agriculture. Rearing animals of different breeds would require some level of expertise and experience. So, there is a huge demand for livestock farmers to oversee animals' feeding, medication, and breeding for production. 

You can get these jobs in Canada with little educational qualities but good experience in rearing animals. 

Farm Machinery Operators

Big Farms demands equipment operators and various types of machinery; tractors, swathers, hay and forage equipment, grain harvesters, tillage equipment, etc. Therefore, having the skills and knowledge of handling and operating this tool alone can give you a job on a farm in Canada. 

Farm Equipment Service Technicians

Operating farm machinery and equipment is one thing, but maintenance and repairs of these machinery are another. 

As a technician in farm machinery, you can get decent farm jobs in Canada, as maintenance and repairs of farm equipment are essential. 

Truck Drivers

Transporting Agricultural producers and other stuff would need a truck driver. It is unskilled labour, so it does not require a lot of academic qualifications. Driving farm trucks can also earn you about $25 per hour. 

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Poultry Farm Worker

Birds primarily help in the production of meat and eggs. However, proper work has to be done in feeding and rearing these birds. If you are experienced in handling poultry birds, getting a job on a farm in Canada cannot be a difficult one. Poultry farm workers would help feed and provide basic medications for birds and clean the henhouse. 

Farm Labor Supervisor

Farm jobs do not only cover workers on the field. Labor supervisors and assistants also have a role to play as they oversee the field workers who complete these tasks. 

Sales Associates

Farming does not only have to do with the fieldwork. It is a lucrative business, so salespersons must be part of the desk workers. If you have knowledge of accounting, it will be an advantage for filling these roles. 

Farm Manager 

The farm manager is one of the most important parts of a farming business. Big farms in Canada all have managed to handle the administrative work. Their primary responsibility is to make decisions that influence the farm's yields, marketing, and production. The farm manager also takes charge of supervising other staff. 

Farm managers' responsibilities are massive, but that can earn them up to $40,000 per year. 

So, these are various other farm jobs in Canada you can find across different states. You can find sites that advertise farm jobs as soon as they are available. Want to find some farm job opportunities? Check them out here.

What Are The Demands For Farm Jobs In Canada

Canadian farms see a good number of job seekers every year. Although the farms need workers, the job seekers evenly fill up the vacancies. However, the industry could see a slight demand for jobs in the next few years. 

Research on farm job opportunities (in Canada) in the next five years shows that openings for work could be around 15,200. Also, the number of job seekers is expected to reach 17,000. These job seekers are expected to come from foreigners, immigrants, and school leavers. 

However, the majority of immigrants working on farms have temporary visas. That begs for the mobilization of more workers on farms on a full-time basis. On the other hand, immigrants and foreigners can also earn a visa that could place them working on a long-term basis for these farms. 

Farms in Canada also have to look at the fall in the production of some crops in 2021. The increase in fertilizer due to the halting of fertilizer importation from Russia is another challenge. 

Nevertheless, the demand for farm labour still stares in the Agricultural industry in the country. There is still a shortage of labour in the farming industry as it was in 2021, leading to the loss of billions in sales and delays in production. 

So, if you were wondering if seeking farm jobs in Canada would be worth the fuss, then it is important to know that Canada's Agriculture industry is facing a 21-year low in farm labour. And labour from immigrants, foreigners, and school leavers can get these openings. 

How Much Can One Earn From Doing Farm Jobs In Canada?

The salary of a farmworker in Canada depends on different factors. The type of farm job, and roles, are some of the reasons the salaries may differ. 

However, the average salary of a farmworker is $29,000 per year. This is equivalent to $15 per hour. The lowest salary a farm worker can earn in Canada is $27,000 per year, which goes to entry-level workers. 

Also, the state could be another deciding factor in the salary of a farmworker in Canada. So, different regions could have varying average salaries. The table below shows some Canadian regions‘ farm job salaries (per year).

State Salary
Saskatchewan$41, 925
Alberta$34, 125
Manitoba$30, 000
British Columbia$29, 640
Canadian Regions with the highest average salaries for farmworkers

The table above shows the Canadian regions with the highest average salaries for farmworkers. At this rate, it would be sustainable for people, be it immigrants, school leavers, or foreigners. Therefore, this means that farm jobs can be a decent source of income. 

Visa And General Requirements Of Farm Jobs In Canada

As a foreigner or an immigrant looking to get jobs on a farm in Canada, you need to meet certain requirements, which include papers and documentation. But your eligibility status is the first thing you should be looking to know first. 

So, I will give you details of the processes you need to get farm jobs as a foreigner.  

Canada Employee Visa

As an international employee looking for a temporary farm job in Canada, this employee visa should be the first thing on your list. This type of visa is also known as the farm employee visa or the seasonal employee visa. 

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This visa became popular after developed countries started to look for extra employees on farms to handle different forms of operations. 

The Canada employee program offers different types of free visa sponsorship for immigrants looking to work in the country. They include;  

  • Non-permanent overseas employee
  • Season or Agricultural oversees employee

These visas help you get a work permit and access to farm jobs in Canada. Let's discuss how these visas work. 

Non-Permanent Overseas Employee

The non-permanent overseas employee program is not a permanent form of visa. But it is one of the most suitable routes for foreigners looking to work on farms in Canada. It allows international prospects to work for a specific period. The time length of the visa could vary depending on the timeframe of the job contract. 

To use this visa to access a farm job in the country, you must meet these major requirements; 

  • Job contract (From the Canadian employer)
  • Job Supply (From the Canadian employer) 
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment, LMIA (from the employer offering job to a foreigner)

Another major part of the visa is the IELT tests. In an English-speaking society like Canada, you have to take this test. However, the occupation you are taking up can be a crucial factor. When you take a job offer that includes your qualification, it might not be necessary to take the IELTS. Otherwise, taking these tests is mandatory.

Seasonal or Agricultural Work Program

The seasonal overseas employee visas are for foreigners looking to work in Canada for a particular season. Unlike the non-permanent visa, the seasonal work visa is not valid all year round. In this case also, the job –which is mostly for a short season— determines the duration of the visa. 

Although there is little or no particular schooling qualification for this visa, requirements would highly depend on the labour class or type of work visa. 

Also, the IELTS is another thing you should always keep in mind for these types of visas. Since Canada is an English-speaking country, the IELTS is obligatory, and you have to pass it to prove your language proficiency. 

There are other requirements that you must consider before applying for this visa. These include; 

  • Job supply letter from a Canadian employer
  • Job contract from the Canadian employer
  • LMIA

Getting a job offer or contract from a Canadian employer has to be the most challenging part of this process. However, they are brokers who have connections in Canada and could help get offers. 

Other Visa Programs For Farm Jobs In Canada

Getting a visa for farm jobs cannot be that difficult. There are various other options for visas that you can explore, which are; 

Agri-Food Pilot Program

The agri-food pilot program is an effective way of helping to grow the labour in different industries across Canada. The country's agro-farming sector is a big beneficiary of this program as it provides a path for foreigners to work and reside permanently. 

Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot

This program is one of the best ways for foreigners to get long-term farming jobs in the country. It assists in the development of the local market across different communities in Canadian regions like Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia. 

Also, one exciting aspect of this program is that workers can get permanent residency from the start of their migration. 

How To Apply For A Canada Farm Employee Visa

As a foreigner, you need to meet some requirements and documentation to proceed with the application process for your visa; 

  • Eligibility Status; You have to know whether or not your country is eligible for acquiring this type of visa. 
  • You need a valid passport and two photos.
  • A Job qualification document; has to show that you are qualified for the job you have an offer for. 
  • Completed application form for a work permit. 
  • You have to also submit a completed application form for your temporary resident visa
  • The Completed Statutory declaration of common-law union form. 
  • Medical report from a certified institution. 
  • Police reports may apply to some countries. 

These documents are mandatory and must be provided during the visa application process. If you are applying outside Canada, it is essential to complete the document checklist form. It contains the details you need for a work permit and other travel documents. 

Filling The Application Form

Filling out the application form can be easier if you get assistance from the application centre for a fee. Alternatively, you can hire an agency to help run the whole process. But mind you, this comes with a relevant charge. 

For more information, you can visit Canada's immigration official website at

How Much Does A Canada Work Permit Cost?

A typical work visa in Canada is around $155. It also involves a biometric fee which is $85. After this process, you will make an appointment for an interview. The appointment would be crucial in seeing the approval of your application. 

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Regions With The Best Farm Jobs In Canada

Canada is a great destination for Agricultural adventure. However, some provinces have better opportunities and benefits for farmworkers to excel. In this section, we will talk about a few regions with top farm job openings in Canada. 


This region is the country's largest exporter of crops such as grains, wheat, peas, and canola. Saskatchewan is also one of the best farming provinces in Canada. This is no surprise as the province had around $16.9 billion in Agri-food products in 2020. And this factor is the reason they are one of the biggest exports in the country. 


Ontario's relevance in Canada's Agricultural sector is evident as they provide about 25% of the country's revenue in Agriculture. A diverse province in terms of Agricultural production, Ontario boasts of products like Soya beans, Corn, grains, and some other poultry products. 


Known for its yield in industrial hemp production, Alberta is also decent in other agricultural produce such as canola, wheat, and livestock farms. The top farming products in the region of Alberta include grain, oilseeds, eggs, poultry, cattle/beef, dairy, etc. 

So, there you go! All you need to know about farm jobs in Canada. Do you have any more questions? Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions And Answers Section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What does LMIA mean?

The full meaning of the acronym LMIA is Labor Market Impact Assessment. It is a document issued to a Canadian employer which allows them to employ a foreigner in their business or farms. 

This document also provides evidence that no Canadian resident is available to take up the job. Without the LMIA, no foreigner can get a legit job from a Canadian employer. 

What is IELTS used for?

IELTS is short for International English Language Testing System. It is used to test the English language proficiency of foreigners going to countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

This testing system was designed to help you get work, study, or immigrate to any of these native English-speaking countries. 

Can I extend my seasonal agricultural work visa?

The seasonal agricultural work visa is different from other visa types, and you cannot extend it. However, you can work for more than one employer with this visa. 

What Qualifications do you need to work on a farm in Canada?

Farm jobs in Canada contain different job descriptions. For example, roles such as Farm manager, sales associates, and supervisors would need a higher level of educational qualification. On the other hand, field workers in charge of planting, watering, and weeding would require less academic qualification. 

Also, machinery operators would need to have experience with the particular farm equipment and machines they will be using. 

Can I migrate to Canada As a Farmer?

There are little to no restrictions imposed on moving to Canada as a farmer. You can migrate with your family at once, but you have to meet the requirements and submit the necessary forms. 

How can I get a farm visa in Canada?

There are farm visa programs you can get. You can easily check out these programs here and see how they work. 

Wrapping Up

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for most people; be it study or work, you can have great opportunities in the country. Farm jobs happen to be a good option for most immigrants. That is because it mostly requires few educational requirements. 

Other than farm jobs, many other openings require unskilled labour. But the high demands of workers recently means seeking farm jobs in Canada would be a great idea. 

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